“Jewel of the sea”

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In the foaming waves of the sea
Reminiscent of your white paper  It has been forged for years
Until sometime
They washed you in the sand
Where I was playing small
Along with pieces of wood,  glasses from broken bottles transformed by the power of nature,  pieces of real sponges
It was the children’s treasure that I finally assembled
And now you’re ready
Adorn the neck of an adult girl.
 Created exclusively for “premio incinque Jewels Exhibition”  2019 Rome .
Each piece is impossible to replicate, and unique.

Unique handmade product, Small Series Production. The artist has a very close relationship with each piece he creates making it unique, the process of designing and completing each piece takes time. All the objects are exquisitely handmade one piece at a time
There may be slight imperfections.
– 19cm X 23cm (measured in straight line)
– 100% handmade cotton paper
– Raffia
– sea sponge
– broken pieces of bottlies trasformed by the sea
– Our process is obtained through the use of natural materials, and no use of chemical. No reported allergies