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  • sposa

    – 46cm high
    – 100% paper
    – sculpture paper

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  • “THEROS”

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    While I’m molding you with my hands, this abrupt change in our lives, makes me feel weak. Every little cavity is linked to a different feeling fear, insecurity, sorrow, distress..


    Every little cavity is a gap that I’m trying to fill and then suddenly comes the



    Every piece of you is a narrow path of dry summer ground.


    I’m crossing it barefoot, bending with my palms the golden spikes of wheat that the breeze is leaning, leaving their glow on my shoulders, silence, love, regeneration, birth.


    Until next summer…..



    is a unique artisan contemporary paper jewelry entirely made by hand.



    Created exclusively for “DIVO C IL GIOIELLO CONTEMPORANEO A  ROMA” 

    Each piece is impossible to replicate, and unique

    Year of creation 2020 from Lokta Art by Vasiliki Merianou.


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