I need to admit, I love paper. No matter if it’s machine or handmade, in sheets, book, strips, in any form. It’s texture and smells, especially natural paper, is a source of inspiration and creation for me.
My studies do not have to do with the paper or the handicraft that I so much cherishing. I have been studying Administration and specifically in the health field, “ very contrary“. The unique contact with the paper in this job in the manuscript file and the thousands of inanimate notes written on it.
My love for the paper pushes me to experiment with it and to create or discover various techniques that many times impres me, about without interest me if they exist or do not exist. What I hold as a self-taught creator, the feeling of satisfaction and joy that give me a piece of paper, when I discover a technique or finish my creation.
This blog is all about paper or at least small aspects that come to my attention and that come to my attention and that I consider worth spreading.
With emotions that resemble a child’s balloon filled with colorful confetti ready to break and fill the space with colors….
I welcome all who love the paper or just have the curiosity to learn about it… I hope enjoy it!!!