Galerie Karouzou


26. Januar bis 7. Februar 2019

Vernissage: Sa 26. Jan von 12 bis 17 h
Aperitif: Fr 01. Feb von 17 bis 19.30 h
Finissage: Do 07. Feb von 14 bis 19 h

i’m very excited to announce LoktaArt by Vasiliki Merianou will partecipate in “ENERGY” group exhibition at the Karouzou art gallery in Zurich Galerie Karouzou – from January 26th to February 7th 2019.
On display are the works of 34 talented artists from the national and international contemporary scene, curated by Chrysa Karouzou.

The title of the exhibition is a challenge: “Energy” is not just a scientific entity that accompanies us in everyday life, but a concept that is also in philosophy and psychology for effectiveness, drive or life force. It is thus a topic that can be artistically translated into many facets.

The following artists have dealt with the topic “Energy” and participate in the exhibition:

Nicole Manuel, Annina Martinoni, Joanne Finnegan, Yuan He, Sultana Savvi, Zois Zaverdinos, Gudrun Delin, Gefso Papadaki, Anna Remensberger, Bianca Nechleba, Lena Wenger, Brigit Vonarburg, Claudia Ginocchio, Anastasia Ginaki, Elena Rofaela, Georgios Zarbanis, Rosa Chiossi , Nathan Labhart, Cristina Ginocchio, Susanne Scherer, Shaun Dziedzic, Helene Müller, Sonja Müller, Panagiota Kapogianni, Philippe Elmalek, Susan Buchser, Vasiliki Merianou, Hans-Ulrich Wegmann, Matteo Minacci, Blanca-Maria Lagunez, Andriana Kaparou, Evmorfia Ghika Rachouti Donatello Laurenti

The exhibition opening will take place on Saturday, January 26, 2019, at 12.00 o’clock.

For more information, call +41 (0) 798274187 or write to