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Vasiliki Merianou

Greek creator of fine art jewellery. Founder of the Lokta Art brand, she lives and works in Switzerland. From her studio in Lugano she creates her imaginative jewellery and travels to exhibitions and fashion shows in Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Romania, Cyprus etc. Inspired by strong everyday life stimuli and images, by nature, architectural forms and shapes, her jewellery artistically refers to the Arte Povera and aesthetically to her Greek origins. She uses various heterogeneous materials that she turns into unique pieces of jewellery, small handmade pieces of art which intent to highlight the particular style of the woman wearing it. Paper, wood, holi powders, resin, sand and gold leaf sheets serve her passion for creativity. She always remembers herself creating jewellery from materials which fire the imagination. She has matured her craftsmanship by attending Design and Painting courses at the Ergo Lab atelier in Lugano, Switzerland, and also Handmade Paper Creation at the Museum Carta Mela in Genoa, Italy. She collaborates with foreign fashion designers and in 2019 she was selected together with other 140 contemporary jewellery designers from all over the world to make part an exhibition at the Palazzo Bovara in Milan.

Member :

International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA)

Selected exhibitions:

– 2019 Fashion week Fashion show Lokta Art  Blu Diamond Fashion Days By Blurred Magazine Cyprus.

–  2019 Artistar Jewels 2019 exhibition, Palazzo Bovara  Milano.

–  2019   Group exhibition at the Karouzou art gallery in Zurich

–  2018 collective exhibition Lugano Switzerland

–  2018 Lugano Design District Switzerland

– 2018  Feeric Fashion Week to Romania with ArchitectureInFashion and 18 internationally selected designers.

– 2018   private exhibition in Tehran

2018   Milan Design WeekIsola Design District

– 2017   Art Festival ART First Cyprus

Press :

– Vogue Vanity Fair   Accessories, Italy

– Revista FPM  Fashion Premium Magazine, Romania

– Blurred Magazine, Cyprus

Creation starts with only a piece of paper in my hands. Each jewellery takes time to produce it from two to three days up to a week, after it passes from various stages to its final form. Each jewel is unique thanks to the uniqueness of the paper.

Creation does not end here … (The secret life of a jewellery) the secret life of the Jewellery is very interesting when a favourite old book turns into a jewellery that can be worn and preserved in time with a different value, (project from recycled magazines) is based on recycling magazines their use by a woman is usually to read and then placed in the wastebasket, have a second chance to turn them into a gorgeous jewellery (Art Deco) to combine and process all of the above into paper items for creating pieces of decoration…

Handmade Paper Art - About Lokta Art
Handmade Paper Art - About Lokta Art

About Lokta Art

Handmade Paper Jewelry

Touch and discover the beauty of paper.  Small pieces of Art which intends to highlight the particular style in a woman.

Each piece has its own unique story. They are entirely made by my hands,  with lots of love for art.

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The flower of life is an ancient symbol, which has been found in every culture. The perfect from, harmony and proportion of the flower of life has been known to philosophers, artists and architects around the world.

It is considered sacred geometry containing ancient religious value depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. The flower of life symbol represents important meaning to many throughout history.