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I need to admit, i love paper. No matter if it’s machine or handmade, in sheets, book, strips, in any form. It’s texture and smells, especially natural paper, is a source of inspiration and creation for me.

My studies do not have to do with the paper or the handicraft that i so much cherishing. I have been studying Administration and specifically in the health field. But my love for the paper and my need to create with hands was the one that pushed me to experiment and create unique handmade jewels from 100% natural handmade paper originating in Nepal, India.

Creation starts with only a piece of paper in my hands. Each jewellery takes time to produce it from two to three days up to a week, after it passes from various stages to its final form. Each jewel is unique thanks to the uniqueness of the paper.

Creation does not end here … (The secret life of a jewellery) the secret life of the Jewellery is very interesting when a favourite old book turns into a jewellery that can be worn and preserved in time with a different value, (project from recycled magazines) is based on recycling magazines their use by a woman is usually to read and then placed in the wastebasket, have a second chance to turn them into a gorgeous jewellery (Art Deco) to combine and process all of the above into paper items for creating pieces of decoration…

Handmade Paper Art - About Lokta Art
Handmade Paper Art - About Lokta Art

About Lokta Art

Handmade Paper Jewelry

I do not create paper jewellery, I give shape to desires. The precious materials add passion and love and an alchemy emerges material and immaterial.

In every piece I create, there is not only meticulous work. Inside there is a piece of my self, there is passion and love for my art. It is not paper art is the essence of the dream.

Flower of Life

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The flower of life is an ancient symbol, which has been found in every culture. The perfect from, harmony and proportion of the flower of life has been known to philosophers, artists and architects around the world.

It is considered sacred geometry containing ancient religious value depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. The flower of life symbol represents important meaning to many throughout history.